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Thinking Outside of the Box!

   If your life seems to be the same story playing over and over; if you don't venture outside the box you are living your life in; it may be time to take a hard look at what is going on!  Have you ever noticed how some things keep coming up over and over?  Is your day an instant replay of all the days before?  Then let me introduce you to what I call "recurring themes" in our lives.

   Not all recurring themes, in our lives, present challenges.  For some of us, these recurring themes are very good in nature and allow us to live life to it's fullest.  Having said this; some of the recurring themes of our lives can be indications of what we are choosing for our life's purpose - 'soul commitment.'  Even if this is a new concept for you, just read on a bit...  Before you face the task of listing those persistent recurring themes that are sometimes painful, and represent our greatest challenge; it is a good idea to list some of the strong, positive characteristics of your life.  You will probably want to create a journal to do this work as it might be important to go back over this information from time to time.  Now that you have the good stuff  written down, let's move on...

     Once you begin to note the challenging themes of your life you will want to identify their  point of beginning.  Is this something that happened early in your life?  Is this a pattern that has been imprinted, on you, by another person?  In other words, do you drink too much because your parent drank a lot, and you thought that was the way things were supposed to be.  Have you considered suicide because someone in your family chose that route?  At some point you must also take responsibility for your own behavioral patterns.    

      If you are being honest with yourself, you will see a pattern developing; this should lead you to identify those things you want to learn in this life.  Once in a while we will see a pattern that we are unable to find it's point of beginning.  If that is the case you may want to consider that it could be a 'past life carryover.' For those that embrace the theory of reincarnation, this will be an easier distance to travel.  In other words, what if there was something in a past life that you did not complete to your soul's satisfaction; what if you had caused unspeakable pain and suffering to another person?  You may have come into this life with an agenda that came from one of your past lives.  Sometimes we refer to this as 'karma' or a debt owed.

     Keep working through these scenarios until you reduce it down to a few words.  Usually that will become something like - unconditional love, self esteem, medical cure, invention to save lives, create the computer that changes humanity, spiritual teacher, ability to forgive self and others, write a book, etc.  Once you bring it down to this level, look back over your life and the recurring themes to see if you are learning the task.  Until you get the lesson, those situations will continue to occur!  We attract that which we need in order to learn and grow.  Until the lessons of your life have been learned; you will attract anything, or anyone, that will help you accomplish your life's purpose.  In you meditation or prayer, it will be important to ask for help, understanding, and the ability to make a good life for yourself.

     Usually a person will have chosen three things to learn in this lifetime.  Once in a while a truly ambitious person will have taken on a fourth agenda.  Even though we make these choices for ourselves, we continue to have free will in all things, and at all times.  You will always be free to decide that something is more difficult than you feel you can work through.  If it is a karmic debt; you can still choose not to complete the task, but; you will find another place in time to honor any indebtedness you owe to another soul, or souls.

     So, what is your life's purpose and how is it working for you so far?  What could I do for myself if I understood the challenge?"    Judy Goodman

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The following is an interview that I think might be interesting to you.  Let me know what you think...


   This interview has been prompted by my own personal journey into another dimension. The experience changed my life and left me with a desire to know more, and understand all that I saw. The person that guided me, and several others, on this adventure is Judy Goodman. What I experienced seemed so extraordinary that I felt compelled to share this with other people. Judy is a multi talented, sensitive and compassionate lady who comes from a very small town in Southeast Georgia. She has been described as a spiritual counselor and healer who is known for opening the eyes of many skeptics. With confusion confronting us at every aspect of our lives, she is a breath of fresh air.

     What I observed about Judy's work is that it is always done for others, selflessly, and without reservation. I would like for my interview to serve as an introduction to Judy and a better understanding of "spirit". She is in the process of writing several books. Her audio book, "Journey...The Quest of the Soul " was released in Scotland and is already being listened to around the world. She is a true professional from today's working industry and still found time to lecture and honor the special gift she has. My visit with Judy took place at her private home located in Georgia....

      There is a lot of talk about "NDE's" and "out of body". Can you relate my experience during our "journey to the other side" to either of these?

 "Not really! While there are some similarities, there is a very unique and special difference. If I may quote a friend of mine I think I can share a brief overview with you. After a similar experience, I asked a lady from Alabama to describe what her trip felt like. I believe the words I said were, "how would you describe this to someone who didn't know what you are talking about?" She described it to me as..."starting out very much like hypnosis and changing." As she said, " I don't know how it changed or when, but I saw and felt XXX (her son who had died recently). Her tears and emotions were very real and could only come from a deeply profound visit with a loved one who is in spirit."

      As I have gotten to know more about your work, I have learned that you have an ability to heal and communicate with spirit. How did you acquire those gifts?

   "First of all, let me stress the point that I do not heal, God does. It is true that there is a very special and unique energy that flows through me that has affected many people in many ways. That energy is a gift from God, a gift that places a responsibility and burden on me. That same energy also allows me to help others find their own way in their spiritual journey. My ability to communicate with spirit came with me at the time of my birth."

      You told me that your spiritual knowledge does not come from books, where does it come from?

     "Our most valuable knowledge comes from experience! My personal belief system tells me that I have lived more than one life. I believe that I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and growth from other lives. During our lifetime, we have good and bad experiences, these situations are the best teachers of knowledge. There are other places in another dimension where I have studied. What I learned, and the places I studied are too complicated to explain in so short a space. I do not read very many of the books that are available today because it complicates the knowledge that came with me at my birth. I believe there are some great books available today and encourage people to read anything that interests them. Books provide us with many different views and opinions and an opportunity to find our own truth."

      Do you feel there is a greater movement in the search for spiritual growth today?

 "Yes! History tells us that mankind has always had a desire to grow spiritually. It seems to me that the need is greater today because of the severity of many elements of our existence. By that, I mean that there seems to be more crime, illness, suffering and oppression in general. With that in mind, it is easy to understand why people are ready for answers. Because of the overall desperation in this world, it is also easy for me to understand why some people would allow themselves to be deceived."

      Why do so many people seek you out and come to you for help?

  "Two reasons immediately come to mind.. First of all they are hurting, secondly, they want to grow and find their own way. Within the confines of these two reasons is a multitude of needs that knows no barriers. It is not me particularly that the people seek, it is the answers that I can help them find."

     Can you give me an example of what happens when you help someone change their life?

 "Recently, while lecturing in St. Louis, there was a gentleman who expressed his complete dismay and distrust of anything he might hear that evening. The lecture lasted seven hours and at the end of the evening, he moved us all to tears as he explained how differently he felt. He said that his life had been changed by what he had learned during the lecture. I might have been the instrument that helped him on his way, the end result is that he wanted to change his life, and he did. Generally speaking, when a person reaches the state that will allow their life to change, the catalyst will be placed in their path. As a person's life begins to change, it will never be according to what I might think is best for them. It is always whatever their particular path dictates. Actually, that makes it a lot easier for me, I don't have the additional burden of knowing just what is best for each person."

     The night that I participated in the group that made the "trip to the other side" I visited my father who had been dead twenty four years. Where and how did you learn to do this for people?

  "Allow me to share a few things with you regarding this very special thing I call..."a trip to the other side..."

 First of all, I call it that because I don't know a better way to describe just exactly what happens. During the process, each participant makes an extended out of body trip. This is always accomplished by the direction of, and with the full guidance of God. I never know exactly when the trip(s) will take place and who will be in attendance. I am always told when and where, and ultimately who will participate. From experience, I have learned that not everyone will have an overwhelming trip. Sometimes a person makes the journey as a preparation for something yet to come, with no special memories at the end of the event. During the experience, I am much like a pilot flying an airplane. It seems to be my task to help arrive and return safely and leave the special events to God.

     The knowledge and understanding was given to me before my birth and has always been with me. I did not act on this until I became a mature adult and had achieved a level of responsibility that was in accordance with the task at hand. As an individual, this is not something I could do. I am not special, just obedient to our creator, the one I call God. It is a privilege for me to sit and listen to each person explain what happened to them. I cry and laugh with them and share in the joy of their discoveries. Knowing what I do." 
  Interviewed by:  S. Waldrop.

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How far can you go if you live your life in a box?

  Don't be afraid to step outside the boundaries you have now created around you life.  We must each look at things differently if we want to change them.



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