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     If you had an opportunity to make a difference for someone; if you could be a conduit for positive change in major situations - would you be willing to take the time to do just that?

     This is what "Heart2Heart" work is all about.  Such an effort must be done with no agenda, in unconditional love, and with no expectations as to what the outcome should be.

     Let's say there is something that you would like to do "Heart2Heart" work with.   What if you know someone who is having a lot of trouble in their life; it might be possible that you and another person have some negative energy between you.  No matter what the reason...

     Position yourself in a quiet, or meditative, place.  Close your eyes, and focus your attention on the person, or situation, you are thinking of.  To the best of your ability see the person, or situation, as clearly as you can.   Envision a channel of pure white light entering the top of your head (crown Chakra).  This energy is coming from the God source as you understand this to be.  The light will travel from your crown to your own heart, and then to the heart of the person, or situation, you are working with.  Once this energy reaches the heart of the person, or situation, you are working with - your part is finished.

     You MUST do this with no agenda or expectations in mind; you MUST do this with unconditional love.  It is not your responsibility to decide what should, or should not, happen.   If you cannot do this work this way, it will  not be within your ability to help.

     A by-product of this work will be that you are also helping yourself.  Of course we do not start this work for that reason.  Having said that; if you care enough to work with no agenda, no expectations, and in unconditional love;  you will also receive the energy from the highest possible source.  Another way of describing this work would be to say that you are getting out of the way and allowing the highest and best possible thing to occur in that situation.

     This can be used to work with a country, or the leadership of a region.  We are not wise enough to know what is best, therefore we must work with no agenda, no expectations, and in unconditional love.  Are you the person that can care enough to ask for the highest, and very best, without question?  If you are working with someone that is very sick, again; you must not do this to make them well.   Even so, if that is in their best interest, the energy may very well help facilitate a recovery.  Just work for the highest, and best, good for them!

     If you use this to work for others, please write me and let me know if this has been of help.

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I would love to share your comments here:


"Thanks you for sharing your Heart-to-heart method on your website.  I am too easily distracted I suppose to remember such things sometimes.  I was searching and you handed it to me.  That will be how I work with my son for now.  I need to stop worrying and be more constructive.  Thanks for helping me pay attention."     C. S.

 If you have any questions, please let me know.

   Can a person do Heart to Heart to those souls in hell? Would that help them see the light?  MP

   You could do that, but they are in "hell" for a reason, and it would depend on whether or not they are ready to move on.  Remember that we are not permitted to change the path of another, they must make that choice.

   We do this work for the 'highest and best good' of that soul.  We don't normally see the big picture as to why they are there in the first place.

    It still seems like a good idea to place that energy there in case they make the choice to move on at some time in the future. The energy certainly would be of help at that time.  Good question!

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