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    April 2017 

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Past Life Carryover vs. Fractured Soul

Sometimes there are characteristics, or events, in our lives that can't be explained. A man cannot wear a tie even though it is required dress code for his job; another person has scars on their body with no explanation of how they got there; a child wakes up screaming because he believes he is on fire and falling through the sky in an airplane; a young girl tells her parents that she has a 'real mom' living in the next town; a girl remembers hanging pictures of movie stars on a wall that was in the attic of the home where she hid from the invading enemy; a three year old plays music that might have been composed during the 18th century. Many times when we are sleeping, our spirit leaves our body (OBE) and we will experience these events in memories, or a dream-like state.

There really isn't enough room is a newsletter to discuss such an extraordinary topic as this.  However, let's give it a try with the thought that it will generate a lot more consideration, and some questions.  We will approach this with the assumption that you believe in reincarnation.  I do!  Perhaps this will encourage you to write down notes about your dreams, or possibly any fears you have.

A young boy has a crippling fear of water! Bath time has never been fun, he can't tolerate a  wash cloth being used to clean his face. When his parents visited Venice, Italy, his blood curdling screams, and cries, caused people to be overly concerned for the child while they rode on the boats.  Some of the onlookers thought he might have been harmed in a bath, others thought he was hungry, and offered various foods.  Nothing helped!  The child just could not tolerate being that close to such a massive amount of water. It was a hard time for everyone, more particularly the child.  Growing up, things did not get better for a long time. This is a classic example of 'past life carryover.' In this case the soul had drowned in their most recent lifetime; during that process the soul had saved an infant child by pushing it out the window of a submerged car, and had not healed the wound of that traumatic  death.  Additionally, the soul reincarnated almost immediately in the mistaken hope of finding the child.

Not all past life carryovers are this traumatic.  Sometimes when these memories surface, it can be used as a tool to explain issues of this life. Occasionally the carryover can be in the form of a gift or a talent that is hard to explain otherwise.  The man that could not wear a tie had been hanged in front of his wife and two small girls.  Not until he went through regression therapy did he find the cause of this trauma, and was then able to move on with his life.  The child falling through the air in flames was the memory of a pilot that had  been killed during a war. Many of these events have been written about, and discussed, as a way of helping us to understand reincarnation.  Utilize your own knowledge base, and your faith to approach understanding this.  If you have the benefit of knowing someone more seasoned, more well versed, in processing these events, there can be great value in seeking them out.

A mature woman is losing control of her body as it twist and contorts in painful, and unrecognizable, positions; there are no medical explanations. She has feelings, fears, anger, invalidation, loneliness, body functions that don't match the body she has. These are not isolated situations, but very seldom understood.  In many cases we look for the human, and medical, answers to events similar to this.  Sometimes, these events are reaching out to us from a lifetime in the past. 

Some experiences in a previous life can be so traumatic that the soul literally separates itself from the pain, thus creating a fracture. The most common response to such an event is to create distance, to the extent of giving up a portion of the light within the soul. Depending on the circumstances, this can happen instantly, or developed over the period of the lifetime.  Regression therapy, in most cases, will not heal this process; having said this, it might provide a  view into what is happening. If you are fortunate to have such an understanding, just knowing what you are dealing with will make a big difference.  At this point of knowledge, this is a fractured soul, and a soul retrieval would be in order.  Again, if you have someone you can work with for this, that would be the most appropriate choice.  Always stand firm in the faith of your life; ask for help and guidance in retrieving any broken parts of your spirit.  Ask that the fractured portion be healed, and most important; ask that you retain any lessons that will have been learned through this experience.

This, in no way will completely explain all that needs to be understood regarding these issues.  We should not take this lightly; do your research; ask a lot of questions, and seek help when you understand that is what you need.

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