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July 2015 


      Earlier this month in Denver we had an incredible class which had been completely sold out - and then some. This is important, write it down somewhere and don't forget it!  Each word we speak is a pebble that creates, and forms, the actual pathway we walk on.  Your words create your reality!!  No matter whether we are walking out of our past; no matter what our path is today; no matter what future we are creating...  The very words we speak are an important part of our journey.  The contents of your mind, body and spirit literally rise up in a mist to create your destination.  Never has it been more clear that we must choose our words carefully.  What we speak, we create!  Everyone in the class was told to expect greatness, but we were each cautioned not to define what 'greatness' would mean.  Reports have been coming in from attendees who are having exceptional things opening up in their lives!

     Where do our words come from?  From our very beginning, we have heard words from everyone around us.  Before we were born, if we heard loving words between our parents, there is a great chance that we have incorporated love into many of the things we are creating today.  If there was conflict, we may have been working to overcome intense feelings without understanding what it was all about.  You learned your first words from the people that raised you.  From the beginning of your language skills, you have repeated words that others have taught you.  It is possible that some of the words are creating obstacles for you every day.  When someone ask you a direct question, and when 'think' is part of your answer, it creates an indecisive energy and may hold you in limbo.  Use stronger words that clearly define what you wishes and intentions are.  When you tell someone that you will 'try' to do something; again, that is non committal and holds the situation in limbo.  Respond in such a way that you make a firm commitment.  It is simple things such as this that will reflect in the way your life is unfolding.

     For a day or two keep a note pad with you;  write down the words you are using that do not make a solid statement, or a firm commitment.  You might be real surprised to find out how many words are directing the flow of your life, your relationship, your work, your dreams and goals.

   My audio book was officially released on June 30th.  Since the release, it has found a home in five countries.  The response has been very exciting, and it will be interesting to see just what the life of this work is.  If you have not listened to the preview, I hope you will take time to do so.

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   "...This is not a light or casual conversation, but one of great depth and scope. Lives have been changed here, some are moved to tears..."

   "...With humility, clarity, and sincere respect for her listeners, Judy Goodman offers compelling answers for many of the mysteries perplexing all of us about life, death, relationships, religion, spirituality and God..."

   "Once in a lifetime, a book comes along that changes everything. The wisdom contained within this book is thought provoking, life changing and insightful, which resonated at my core. Many times I paused the recording and cried, hearing the confirmations and truths that this book held for me. It left me with a greater sense of peace, clarity and understanding, which has profoundly impacted the way I view life, death and the Afterlife."

   "I have spent my entire morning listening to Journey - The Quest of the Soul (audio book). Wow!  Amazing!  It flows so perfectly.   I heard things I have never heard before and also heard things I thought I knew, but in a brand new way.   The simplicity of your expression of these truths brings an understanding that is, I feel, universal and timeless..."  

In many situations what appears to be a major issue of life can turn out to be a well orchestrated ‘soul contract’ (pre-life agreement).

             While you are in a period of discovery it would benefit you to go over anything in your life that seems repetitious.  If you seem to keep making the same mistakes, that is worth looking at.  If you have suddenly started doing things that are completely out of your character, this could be a clue to something you need to address or clear.

             A client’s story unfolds this way… When I met this man he was consuming almost a case of beer per day.  He knew how bad his situation was, but could not understand how he got there.  Until recently he rarely drank anything at all and could not stand the taste of beer.  This was a man with no real history of drinking, a stable person with a good work history and devoted to his family.  With all of the good qualities he had there seemed to be a strong undercurrent of anger with his dad.  He had nothing but good things to say about his father so clearly we had to move him into a place of discovery to uncover these behavioral issues.

             In no time we got to the root of the problem.  He and his dad had always been very close; he idolized his dad and thought he could do no wrong.  The father had become ill and turned to drinking to anesthetize the pain. The child had watched his father move very quickly into consuming over a case of beer per day.  He was not told what his father was dealing with so he couldn’t understand what was happening.  When the father died the child felt betrayed and very angry, he felt abandoned and could not make closure on his anger.  Until that day no one had ever discussed this with him. 

             During the process the father went through, a very interesting thing was occurring with the child.  The parent was ‘imprinting’ on the son.  Remember that we teach by example, not by word.  The parent had effectively taught his son an ineffective way to deal with his pain.  Now, the child is a man in pain and has no way to deal with it except the way his father had imprinted upon him – had taught him.  This is a very good description of 'learned behavior.'

             That day the man completely released the need for beer and made closure on his behavioral situation.  He also learned how important it was to turn the process around so his own children would not make the same mistakes.  A side note to this story… The man was so moved by this experience that it opened a door to his own spiritual growth.  While this was a painful and challenging situation, we discovered that he had built this into his ‘soul contract.’

             Every day of our lives we receive imprinting, sometimes good, sometimes bad.   When the imprinting is negative in nature, hypnosis is a good tool for understanding and turning the process around. Sometimes having a good appointment with someone that understands these things will work very well too.


   This is the event you have been waiting for!  Two unparalleled experts in the field of total empowerment.

      Ken will begin the day teaching "Manifesting 1 2 3..." - Creating immediate changes.  Our day will conclude with Judy teaching "What Our Words Are Saying," A profound truth we did not see coming.  A class that may change the meaning of your past, present and future.

     A rare opportunity to hear Judy Goodman and Ken Elliott together.  These two dynamic, well recognized, people will be bringing new information to your area.   Many lives have been changed in one day - your life could change too!

Judy Goodman

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   Advancement, at any level, will come in its own time.  There are a few things in this life that we can do to enhance the timing.  Remaining open to infinite possibilities is one of the best ways I know of to advance one’s self.  Identify your ‘needs’ and I will help you blaze the trail to the outcome you are looking for.  If you don’t know what the ‘needs’ are, then let’s talk about it!        

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