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    September  2015 

  How do you use each day?  At the end of the day, are you still struggling with the things that you should have done; are you working through the items you wish you had done? Instead of all the worry, consider how you are approaching each new day you have. 

   Chances are that you have already created a pattern, one that might have become a rut.  If you keep doing it the same way, you will continue to get the same results.  If you results are good, you don't need to read any further.  For those of us that need to re-think the program, keep reading.  Change each, and every, pattern that you can.  I am not going to presume to tell you how to get organized with your life!

   What I will say is that everything about you has a life force and an energy.  If you want to make changes, begin with yourself.  Wake up in a different way, begin each day in gratitude.  Before your feet hit the floor, say to yourself seven (7) things that you are grateful for.  Know within yourself that no matter what has happened in your life up to this moment, you are worthy of every great thing that will find it's way into your life today. 

   Find balance within yourself in whatever method is appropriate for you.  The more you pursue this, the easier it will become.  Do the best you can with each task!  Keep a journal handy to make notes about the challenges you have faced today, and especially about the progress you made.  Never compare yourself to someone else!  Each of us will walk a different path and we will all encounter opportunities to learn and grow.  At the end of the day, once again,  say to yourself seven things you are grateful for.  Very important; what you say becomes your reality.  During the day, watch the words you are using while accomplishing what you must.

What would it take to change your life right now?

  The two most powerful ways to effect change is with 'color' and 'tone.'  Color=vibration=healing, Tone=vibration=healing!  Everything has an energy, this is what we will call a vibration.  Each vibration will have a color which will tell us something.  There is a lot we can learn about using the energy of color!  This will not be a lesson providing you with the nature of each color, or give you the sacred tones.  You can research it online, or attend a class that I am teaching about the depth of this.

  I have worked with a number of doctors, and practitioners, to introduce them to a way of allowing a person to choose the color of vibration that will help them feel much better.  Provide a basket of covers that a client, patient, can use during their work.  The covers should be the solid colors of our chakras.  When they choose the color of the cloth that will drape over them during their work; they have instinctively chosen the color of the chakra that is out of balance.  The vibration of the chosen color will equal a healing energy that will be immediately felt by them.  If they ask for a different color during their procedure, they are just taking charge and working with another chakra that is out of balance.

   You might also consider pillow cases in solid colors of the chakras.    Use the pillow case with people that are ill, or with children that are experiencing night terrors.  Obviously there is a great deal that we could discuss, learn, but better suited for an in-depth class.

   There are seven sacred tones that we can hear in much of our music today.  Each sacred tone will have a vibration of healing.  The music that will work best in helping someone feel better will be open ended, free flowing and without words.  Sometimes we find this music referred to as 'new age' or 'meditation' music.  At any rate, there are many artist producing music, with sacred tones, some of which will have sacred tones, and they may not be aware of it .   Another class!!


  JUST IN - a follow-up from our recent Denver class: "I know you are very busy and I respect your time and energy.  I would like to share with you some of what has been happening in my life since the class in Denver.  First and foremost I am aware of the words I speak and think. I pay attention to what I say. I stop and think "what do I want the path I walk on to be made of".  I do this pretty naturally now. What is interesting is how a little reflex goes off in me when I notice how negatively others speak about themselves and their lives or situations around them.  I spent yesterday shopping with my daughter and I noticed how she carefully chose her words. I heard her using her words thoughtfully towards herself. It was truly beautiful to watch and hear.  Thank you for teaching me so I could teach her.  

   I feel abundantly grateful for my life and all that is around me.  Gratitude is not a new concept to me but I feel it at a higher level and more all encompassing then ever before.  I had a break through after returning from the conference of forgiving my father and mother for the abuse that happened to me and my sister when we were children.  I was actually driving and I suddenly began to cry and felt love and forgiveness towards him. I had a realization of his soul and I loved him on that level. 

   My inner thoughts towards myself have been much more loving and kind. The harsh self judgment and negative self talk has disappeared.  Loving  thoughts and actions flow so naturally. This is not new to me but the feeling is a little different. It feels now like "I AM" these things. There is not a moment where I have to make a choice of what to do. It seems as though I am filled with the love and it is now my natural state of being. I hope that makes sense. 

   In my business things have been going very well.  My income for the month of July was the highest I have had in my 27 year career as an insurance agent.  Many new clients have been calling us looking for my help with insurance. There is a lot of good happening at work in many different directions.  I feel a sense of calm and peacefulness that is beyond what I have ever felt before. I also have an inner quiet confidence now that feels solid. There is much more. Writing these words on the page can not transmit the high energy, excitement, and thrill I feel with all that is happening.  I am creating the road I walk on thoughtfully. Many things are lining up beautifully in my life. "

   While I love receiving a follow-up message like this, the achievement is wonderful and due to the individual's work and participation.  Once we know a better way to utilize the words in our lives, it is truly amazing at what changes will occur.  The following paragraph was in the last news letter, but is important enough to repeat here.

   Where do our words come from?  From our very beginning, we have heard words from everyone around us.  Before we were born, if we heard loving words between our parents, there is a great chance that we have incorporated love into many of the things we are creating today.  If there was conflict, we may have been working to overcome intense feelings without understanding what it was all about.  You learned your first words from the people that raised you.  From the beginning of your language skills, you have repeated words that others have taught you.  It is possible that some of the words are creating obstacles for you every day.  When someone ask you a direct question, and when 'think' is part of your answer, it creates an indecisive energy and may hold you in limbo.  Use stronger words that clearly define what you wishes and intentions are.  When you tell someone that you will 'try' to do something; again, that is non committal and holds the situation in limbo.  Respond in such a way that you make a firm commitment.  It is simple things such as this that will reflect in the way your life is unfolding.

'Permission Statements' Turning your life around with simple words...

   This morning during a conversation, my friend mentioned they were praying, and meditating, for a certain thing to happen.  They also said, "I just hope that I will be able to hear the answer."  This is such a common expression from many people that are doing the very best they can, and they become frustrated because they never get an answer to their prayers.

   All answers are not audible!  There are many ways to 'hear' when something is reaching fruition.  A few of us may hear a still voice, some will have a thought in our head that answers the question;  for some people the answer will be a peaceful calm that comes over the entire body.  I have even heard about someone driving home, and seeing just what they needed to know on a huge billboard.  Imagine that!  Answers will come! Your answer may not come in the way you imagined it, or in the time that you required.  Thankfully, there is a greater wisdom that will be part of the filtering process with our many thoughts and prayers.  Remember to always be in gratitude for the many things that have gone right.

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