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   "My name is Brad Lewis and I found your name in appendix B of Robert Schwartz's book Courageous Souls as you were a contributor to this excellent work.

   ...I have been under the assumption that one should not pray for someone else regarding a specific life's challenge,  without that person's permission or request for prayer.

   My rationale for this position is that to do so, with the intent to alleviate the individual's suffering or challenges, without a request or permission from that person, I would be interfering with that person's ability to experience the challenge's he came here for, which in turn may cause that person not to learn the lesson's he came here to learn..."

   Brad, thank you for your question!  To pray for something, or someone, is a good thing, and that energy does make a difference. 

   Have you ever stood by the bedside of a loved one who is extremely ill and about to die?  Did you pray that they live just a little longer?  When we pray for very specific things, such as this, that are not in harmony with the soul of that person; the energy of our prayers will not alter their path in any way, but will contribute in whatever manner best serves them. 

   In other words, we cannot pray away a soul's path or karma.  You can help them help themselves, but you can't change their path.  This is true even when we are praying for our own children.  Never stop praying for the things that matter to you.  That energy will be used in ways that you may not be wise enough to understand.

   A good way to approach this would be;  ask that the energy of your prayer be used for the highest and best good of the thing you are praying for.


    "A few months ago I had two or three different people tell me that I looked like someone they knew a few years back or thought they saw me in a location when I was somewhere else on that day. Then yesterday someone mentioned that my voice sounded like someone they knew and thought that was interesting. What do you make of this?"

    In a case such as yours I attribute it more to the new energy and raised vibration you are presenting to others. Many people will respond to the energy without knowing that they are and will think they know you. In other words; they are aware of something familiar - 'energy from home.'

   I've read that this lifetime is the most important one we will live in among the thousands we (may) have been in.  Do you agree and if so, why?"

   There can be no lifetime more important than the one we are presently living.  Whatever our life may present us with, it is the culmination of everything we have been in the past.   For some of us it may be an opportunity to make things right; for others it may be the chance to be a great teacher.  No matter what opportunities may present themselves to you, always be the best you can be at whatever your path brings.   Having said this; there are some among us that have had very significant lives that have changed the world or the course of man's journey.  That may have been a significant lifetime, but again, we are what we are at this very moment.  We do not live in the past, but use that as a catalyst for everything that lies before us.

    No matter who you may have been in a previous lifetime, you are not that person now.  Live your life as if each day is the last day of your life.  Have no regrets; make the most of every situation that comes your way.  This moment in time is but a small portion of the overall 'you.'

   "Why are we tested in life?  Is it because we agreed to it ahead of time in order to learn something, or is it thrown in the mix for some special unknown reason?"

   Let me begin by saying that before we came into this life we created a 'soul contract' of the things we wanted to accomplish.  While we will have made some choices, we always come from the place of 'free will' in everything that unfolds during this journey.  It is within the nature of the enlightened part of our soul to feel the need to test ourselves at times to ensure that we have solidly accomplished our goal.  Having said that, sometimes life events are simply unfolding and were not meant to be a test.

    An interesting thought regarding life's unfolding events is that we can make a  choice to learn and grow from whatever is in our path.  To say this another way - some things were set in motion to test us; some events are just life unfolding, but we can learn from it if we choose.  The choice is always ours.

   Whatever the goals we have set for ourselves, we can achieve them or decide the challenges are too great and step aside.  If the goal was karmic in nature, no doubt the opportunity to change things will present itself at another time, or until we get it right.

  ".. She frequently speaks of everything being a lesson, to explore the lesson..."

Everything in life is not a 'lesson,' but is sometimes just life unfolding or evolving.  Having said that, we can learn from each of these experiences - the choice is ours.  There will always be some very specific lessons that go along with the soul contract we created before we chose this life.  Never be afraid of missing the 'real lessons of your life.'  If it is associated to your path, it will repeat itself until you feel as though you have gotten it right.  Again, the choice will be yours!


   "Do we feel separate from God for our own purpose or God's?"

   From my perspective, feeling separate from God would be a very painful experience.  It is not the desire of Creator that we should ever feel alone.  Sometimes that 'feeling' is part of the growth we chose to go through.  If experiencing the feeling of separation provides growth, at any level, that experience will be felt by the soul and by God.  In some cases the feeling of 'separateness' comes from our own fear, guilt, feeling of unworthiness, etc.  Although it is sometimes hard to remember, please know that there is never a single moment when we are alone.

   "If, when we die, we leave something behind (i.e. physical decay), then go to the next (spiritual) dimension, then we return to this third dimension, do we leave anything behind in that astral dimension?"

     When our soul is working in the third dimensional level, there must be a vessel to contain the soul, our physical body. It is true that when we make our transition back into spirit we leave a body which will decay. At all times we are connected to spirit and our soul does not require anything to contain or support it. What remains in spirit while we are in physical is that portion of our own energy that is sometimes referred to as "our higher self". We are always connected by "the silver cord" to our Creator and therefore a portion of us remains in spirit at all times.


    Why is it that some people have greater remembrances of previous lives than other people?  Some individuals seem to recall a great deal, while others recall snapshots and yet others have no recollection of their past lives.  Does this recollection serve a specific purpose for their current life? 

    Sometimes the fact that a person can remember something from a past life could be very helpful.  What if you have a major issue in this life that you can't identify, but it is still affecting your life, perhaps even your health?  If this were the case, remembering the event would allow you to release it.  I worked with a business executive that held a very prominent position, one that required him to dress a certain way - including a tie.  He could not wear the tie and was at the point of being forced to leave the company because he could not adhere to the dress code.  We used hypnosis to help him remember!  He went back to his most previous past life and saw himself being hanged for a crime he did not commit.  With his dying breath, he vowed to never forget this crime against him.  Once he went through the remembrance, he was able to release the pain of the situation and wear the tie.  So you see, sometimes remembering can be a true advantage.

     As to why some remember more than others!  Some of us are more open to that possibility and some of us work very hard to travel a spiritual path.  When you are 'open' and 'working on your own spiritual growth,' the possibility of memories is greater.  Sometimes there will be a person who will not believe anything no matter how compelling the memory is.  In that case, those memories may be flooding back to reawaken a person to their own higher 'truth.'

   "What sort of thing do you see for major changes in human consciousness?"

    There is a tremendous desire for truth and knowledge, that desire is at an all time high. At this time there is a vast number of gifted spiritual teachers in physical. Some of the souls you would know as biblical leaders are in physical now. There is high level of communication ongoing between "spirit" and "physical" There is a very large number of babies and very young children, children that are designated to help change the world for the better. There is real communication between "ETs" and "physical". The high level of communication is taking place in all realms and at all levels.

   The availability for growth in our consciousness has never been greater, or more threatened.

   "How does God's plan work?"

   God's plan is to experience all that can be - through the individual soul's growth.

   For every soul that is incarnated at this time; for each different path we individually choose to walk - that is just a portion of the 'plan.'    We are endowed with 'free will' and will grow in the way of our own choice.  When we call out for help or assistance from God, he is always there.  The answer may not come in the way we perceive it should; the answer may not be as we thought it should be, but the answer will come. 

    The process we call 'reincarnation' is also 'free will' for us.  The experience of our lifetime is how we choose to grow.  It is through our adversities that we accomplish the greatest amount of growth.

  "When we leave this life, does that mean we have successfully completed our soul contract and if we have, can we opt to staying longer (on the other side) if we so desire?" 

    When you take that preverbal 'last breath' and it is time to 'go home,' that act alone does not have anything whatsoever to do with the success of your soul contract.  To die is only the transition that moves us to the place of evaluation.   In that space we will review what our accomplishments were with regard to the agenda we created before our birth - the 'soul contract.'. 

   Every moment of every day will be reviewed and then this life will be weighed against all other lifetimes and whatever the course of your soul's journey has been.  It is most certainly possible to succeeded in all areas of your chosen path; it is possible to fail in the attempts to survive painful experiences.  There is no rule written that says you must be 100% successful every time. 

   If you choose to work from the other side for a longer period of time, that is up to you.  Just a note that may help you understand why most don't choose to stay on the other side if they feel that there is work to be done.  When we work from the physical plane everything increases sevenfold.  We are able to achieve our goals much faster and in a much shorter time.  I know when I say the word 'time' it raises a few eyebrows.  You probably think I am saying that your life's journey is actually going faster.  When you understand that in 'spirit' time does not exist, you will begin to see that the time spent here is just a blink of an eye, so to speak.  The choice to stay, move on or reincarnate will be pretty much up to you.

    There will always be some exceptions to that statement.  Sometimes a soul will fail miserably and choose not to come back.  Imagine their surprise when they wake up at the moment of their birth in another lifetime.  If a soul does not show any reasonable and responsible judgment, there will always be a higher source that ensures that we don't make that mistake.

   "Recently someone told a friend of mine that her dog, recently deceased, would be stuck here and in need of help to cross over if my friend didn't stop grieving for him - that her grief was keeping him from his true purpose.  She also told her that he couldn't return to her until all the dogs in his litter had died and had agreed they had ALL completed the group/litter purpose of their lives..."

The energy (spirit) of an animal is from a special part of God's heart, but does not have the accountability that a human being's soul does.  As wonderful and special as the energy may be, it does not create a 'contract' or 'agenda' like we do.  The energy will come and go as necessary to fulfill it's purpose in the life, or lives, of those it interacts with.

   Many times the energy of a pet will come back over and over because there continues to be a need for that animal to be with the person it had a connections with. When we, as human beings, connect with a pet in a unique way and really need that special energy to return, it will find a way to get back to you. Sometimes the energy will take on another animal form, but will be the same loving force that was there before.

   Since there is not a 'contract' or 'agenda' with this energy, it will return as needed, or as necessary, and is not dependent on the other animals of the birth litter completing the cycle together. The grief we feel at the loss of a beloved pet is healthy and normal. If we continue the grief process too long, the difficulties we manifest are for ourselves, not the pet. Who knows, that special little bundle of loving energy may be on its way back to the person anyway!

   "When will they discover and open up to the public the Hall of Records that's supposedly beneath the Sphinx's paw - which is said to contain lost records?"

There is a lot of interest in the discovery of ancient secrets and wisdom. Recently I was told of efforts to invite several notable "psychics" to Egypt in the hopes that these gifted people might collectively help to open the secret chambers. IT WON'T HAPPEN THAT WAY! Throughout time the sites of all the great secrets and treasures of this world have been visited by special people who have a different vibratory rate than any other person walking on the Earth. In some cases the individual with the special energy is completely unaware that they are part of a great plan. In some cases the individual does not realize that they have visited such a special location.

   As each person comes in contact with these special places, their vibratory rate acts like a part of a key that has been systematically unlocking the restraints which will open the door to the secrets contained within. There have been a few souls that have reincarnated and been part of the unlocking process on more than one occasion. It is the collective efforts of many, the wisdom of our Creator that will cause these secrets to come forth. That process is well underway and many of the hidden treasures are about to be discovered. The timeframe varies dependant on the ability of the individuals to make their journey to these special places.

   "I have a question for you.  Someone told me that when we die our souls don't leave our bodies for three days and that we should wait to embalm someone until the fourth day.  Otherwise, the soul is trapped.  Also, that when they do organ transplants, autopsies, etc. the dead person can 'feel' what is being done to them." 

   My friend, not sure where you got this information, but the question is certainly worthy of placement on the Q & A page - just in case anyone else may be misinformed with this same information. 

    As a person begins the 'death process' the soul begins to come and go from the body.  There are many things that occur during the 'breaking down process' before the final detachment of the soul.  The brain is the last thing to detach, even if the person is in a coma or considered 'brain dead.'  This is why it is important to keep talking to a person that is dying, be kind and considerate, but keep talking.

    While the soul is mostly detached during the final stages, you may see the body reacting or you may hear sounds from the body.  The 'breaking down process' has to occur and in many cases is for those of us that are standing by and possibly reevaluating our own lives.  There is a thing called 'death anesthesia' that removes any knowledge of pain from the soul - even if the body appears to be in pain.  In the event of a traumatic death or accident that takes a life very quickly, this still holds true.  It just happens in micro seconds.  I would be remise is I did not tell you that if a person has lived such a life that 'pain' is a part of their crossing, that will experience every bit of it.  An example might be... If someone murdered another person, this might be cause for them to experience pain during their crossing.  Even in this circumstance, the soul has detached and is completely out of the body.

    During the final stages, no matter how long it takes, the soul already has the ability to see the other side and is in communication with either 'family' or  Angels and possibly 'guides' that have been working with us.  At this place, there is no pain, no fear (unless it is part of your judgment)  and a real good understanding of what is about to occur.  When the final strand of the 'silver cord' breaks (the brain function) the soul is no longer attached to the body.  It is possible that the soul was already standing and waiting for that final moment. Immediately after the separation, the soul will make the  journey into the 'Light' for a soul review and is ready to move to the level, on the other side, that is commensurate to the achievements of the soul.  This is weighed against all lifetimes and not just the one that has just ended.

     For a number of reasons, a soul may be allowed to rest for a period of time before moving on with their journey.  They will be brought back to view whatever final services may occur.  If there was an accident or situation that did not allow for final services, the soul will still come back for a brief visit to 'see' family, friends, etc.  No matter what may happen to the body after 'death,' the soul is completely detached and would not feel any experience that may happen.

     Having said all of this... There have been some reports of organ transplants carrying cellular imprinting and causing a thought or memory, of the organ donor, to be picked up by the recipient..


   "Somehow I got the impression that all beings on this earth plane have the ability to hear God (Father) speak via thoughts....Is it just my misconception that most people commonly hear Father in their thoughts?  I catch myself judging myself that I am doing something wrong.  I do practice meditation and sometimes experience a wonderful feeling of peace and love and see colors....I have not experienced any messages like so many other persons have said they receive during their meditation.  I really want to be at peace in regards to this."

   Every thought, every action, every deed is a communication to 'Creator' as you understand 'Creator' to be.  The time we spend in prayer/meditation is very important, but is not meant solely for us to 'talk' to God.  Once in a while why not prepare yourself for prayer/meditation and say..."Father, I am here and I am ready to listen."   When you make that declaration, say nothing beyond that, even if you do not think you are 'hearing' anything.

    Sometimes I think we place far too much importance on the way we pray/meditate.  If what you are doing now is not working, try something different.  There is no correct number of times to do this, no correct position to be in for a 'connection.'  I feel sure some people will disagree with my point here, but if what you are currently doing is not working for you, you will not follow through with it.  When you find something that works, you will want to continue in that path.  Many times I find that the deciding factor is what is in our own heart and mind at the time we approach this quiet time.

    What I understand about God is that our communication comes in many forms.  I also know that when we are unable to 'hear,' other methods will be utilized to bring the message to us.  There is so much noise around us all the time; there are so many distractions in our daily lives that it is difficult to hear much of anything at all.  Another important point to remember is that we are each different and we should not measure our communication with God against another person's experience.  What works best for you is what will happen. 

    Be still...listen, watch, feel and know that God is with you in all things, and at all times.   His voice is on the wind; his message is in the clouds that are above your head; his love is in the smile of a stranger; his connection to you is as constant as your heartbeat.

   "When will we harness Zero Point Energy?"

      Infinite Energy (Zero Point Energy) has been understood and used by a select few since the time of Christ. Infinite Energy is an unfathomable force capable of almost anything. As enormous as this energy force is, we must also understand that the utilization of such an energy could do great good or great harm. Sadly, it is not in the best interest of mankind to be able to tap into this source by free will. There may come a day, not in our time, when mankind has reached a level of commitment and understanding that will unlock what is already know within the soul of each of us.


   "Are Spirit Guides and/or Angels chosen by us or appointed to us when we decide what we want to learn or accomplish in our present life?  Are they relatives or special people from our previous lives?  Do they change during the course of our particular life?" 

   In most cases; when we are making the choice to reincarnate the selection of Spirit Guides will be a joint decision between ourselves and the guides that will walk with us.   Occasionally a 'Higher Source' will assist in that selection, probably based on the needs we will have during our journey.  We do not usually participate in the selection of Angels that may be with us.  Remember that while no person walks alone, you may have a 'Spirit Guide' an 'Angel' or the spirit of a relative or friend that you have known before - or a combination of each of these. 

   When I see many 'spirits' around a person, it is sometimes indicative of the level of guidance (learning) they are achieving or possibly the amount of protection they require because of their own high level of spiritual work.  The number may also be an indicator of their own ability to teach others (I personally believe that the 'answers' we give to others should come from the highest source accessible by the person doing the work).  The number of spirits around a person should not be construed as an indicator of a person's growth or ability to work and progress on their journey.  It is what it is!

    A 'Spirit Guide' will most often be able to assist with specifics of that person's chosen path.   Sometimes this guide has worked with us in other lifetimes.  This seems to occur with, what I describe as, 'old souls.'

   Sometimes there are changes made with those that walk, in spirit, with us.  If we grow to a point that we no longer need the help of a 'guide,' that soul will withdraw to the background or move on to assist others.  In like manner; if we grow to the point that we need further help, others will be added to our circle of spirit friends.

      If you have the ability to communicate with your spirit guides, or Angels, please remember to use discernment in processing all information you receive.  Ask for guidance and protection when communicating with those that walk with you.  It is possible that a 'spirit' that means you harm is also trying to pass information to you.  Remember; if you make choices, or pass on information that comes to you from 'spirit,' you are still held accountable for the end result.  Our lives are about choices and we make them every moment of every day.  Whatever guidance you may receive, you are the one that must make the decision of how to live your life.  To me, it is a great comfort to know that we are not alone.  My greatest comfort with this is that I always have the right to make the choice that feels correct for me.

   "Why is my mission in this life such a mystery to me?  Why is it hidden from me?

   The life we are experiencing is one of 'choice.'  We have made a choice to be here because of our deep desire to grow.  In may ways, life is like being in school.  If you already had the answers  to the 'why' of your life, there would be no reason to go through the experience.  As I sometimes say...If you have the answer to the test, why would you bother taking it?


   "What if we feel, in this life, that we have had enough, can we decide that we do not want to do this again?"

   Perhaps we have all thought of this at one time or another during the evolvement of our spiritual journey.  Because of a sense of weariness or the never ending battle of life altercations, we often believe that our exclamation of, "This is my last lifetime, I don't intend to do this again," is a choice that will set the stage for our soul's future existence.  Not so!

   When this lifetime is over and you stand in the loving presence of the Creator, we are not the same soul that made such a statement.  All of a sudden we see the thoughts and planning that went into the choice of that lifetime.  From that place of 'all-seeing and wisdom' we understand the purpose of everything we endured.  We look at the growth we made, and the mistakes that occurred during the process.  From that place we, once again, make a choice to either reincarnate - do it all again - or continue our growth in the spirit realm.

   It is understandable to make such a statement when we have forgotten the choices that went into the path of this life.  When you feel such a level of weariness, wouldn't it be interesting to say 'thank you' for the opportunity to grow in this way.  Review your life and find the reoccurring themes - than you will have some idea of what your soul's contract might be.  You made choices for this life and until those have been honored and learned, the situations will keep coming into your life.  If 'forgiveness' is part of your soul's contract, you will be presented with endless opportunities to forgive others until you understand how to do that and what it really means in your own life. 

    Just a little clue... Forgiving someone does not mean that you condone the offense, it only means that you have released yourself from the control of that pain, so that you can move on with your life.  When a person has harmed you in any way, they will forever be bound to 'Creator' and have to answer for the offense.

   "What do you see regarding an 'earth shift'? Should we in California plan to move?"

There are already changes, affecting the Earth, underway. Some of the changes are very subtle and many of them are flashed across the news in glaring headlines. There is a great need for mankind to unite in praying for the Earth and the inhabitants of this great creation. I have seen the timetable for greater destruction move in and out as the tide moves. When a greater number of people unite their energies for the common good, the ultimate destruction moves away from us. As we become more relaxed in our concerns and more destructive, the timetable moves closer to us. In so many ways we are the keeper of the clock where the earth shift is concerned.

   If you feel compelled to move, simply make your plans and go forward. You should not move just because your friend or neighbor is planning to move before "California falls into the ocean". Not everyone will survive the catastrophes that appear to be in our future. If it is not your time to cross and you did not relocate, that might be the day you left town to visit a friend or relative. Don't be ruled by panic, do use good common sense. No matter where you are, when your appointed time to die comes, you will meet your destiny.

    Instead of spending a lot of time worrying about what might be, why not think about 'what is.'  Live each day as if it is the last day of your life. In all things, be the best you can be. While I do not want anyone to be ruled by panic, I do recommend emergency preparedness. If you have not made arrangements for an emergency, please take the time to do that now.

   "Why are ghosts/spirits (the type that one connects with a haunted house such as a poltergeist) stuck here on earth, and physically interact with the living?"

   When a soul becomes 'earthbound' they will continue to hang around places that were familiar to them.  If they are very connected to a person, instead of a place, the soul will move around with the person.  In such a case, the physical person may experience unusual phenomena in any place they live or work.  This activity, usually credited to Poltergeist, is their way of getting the attention of the person in physical.  Sometimes the activity is less than friendly and creates problems, and fear, for that person.

     A soul may become 'earthbound' when they do not make a full transition.  What would cause a soul not to fully transition when they die?  Rapid, dramatic death processes will sometimes leave a soul in disbelief of their own death.  An extremely close connection to a person or place may keep them holding on.  When a loved one is dying and we keep crying and telling them we can't live without them - that may keep a soul close by.  In such a case, they are literally torn between the two worlds and the crying and lamenting of their loved one will have the stronger pull. 

     Many battlefields will be 'haunted' by the souls that died there.  They stay for mixed reasons!  Sometimes they stay because it is the last thing they remember; sometimes they stay because they continue to battle; sometimes they stay because they believe their family or descendants will come there looking for them.  An interesting note - there will also be souls that have fully transitioned and they, too, will come back to the place where they died.  In such a case it is because they act out history and believe that some of the people that visit the area will be able to see them and communicate with them.  They believe they will be able to teach lessons by continuing this process and make contact with those of us that still walk the Earth. 

  "If a person lives in a haunted home, and decides to try to astral project, will they be confronted or see the spirits in the home?  Would astral projection not be advised in a home with poltergeists?  And once a person has their OBE's, will they experience increased paranormal activity, due to an opening of the third eye?"

   It is possible to see any 'spirit' that is in your immediate area if you start to go out-of-body.  There are more houses with 'spirits' present than most people realize.  What many inexperienced people do is bounce from one place to another when they do this type of traveling.  They forget that thought is everything; thought is travel.  The more seasoned traveler will leave the body and go directly to the destination of their thought process.  When a person is more skilled at this, it is more than likely they will begin to see their own Spirit Guides or Angels.  It is a good practice to ask for protection when doing this type of work.  If you see something that startles you, more than likely it will scare you and cause you to bounce back into your body.  I have never noticed more paranormal activity around people that are doing OBE.  Usually the activity will be there no matter what.


   "What is a 'Soul Contract'?"

   Before you came into this life, you had a review of what life experiences you would encounter.   In choosing the life you live now, you decided what lessons you wanted to learn.   You committed yourself to basic lessons, usually three goals, sometimes four.   The choice for your 'soul contract' may have come out of lessons not learned in a past life; your choice may come from a deep desire to learn something very specific; the contract may be based on your soul's ability to lead and help others in their progression.   There are many things that will affect the choices you make.

    The 'soul contract' is a choice you very wisely made and should not be considered as a burden tied to the soul.  If you accomplish all that you set out to do, that is wonderful.   If you do not achieve satisfaction, there will be other ways to grow.  Let me give a brief example of how this might work.  Lets say that you chose 'forgiveness' as one of your goals.  In your physical lifetime you will draw unto yourself many situations that will require you to forgive.  Until your soul feels that the lesson has been sufficiently learned, you will continue in this path.  If this feels like something you are experiencing in this life and you want to move on...give yourself permission to accept the lessons, be at peace with them and have the ability to release them.

   "Is there a Hell, are the wicked reincarnated also, or does something different happen to them?"

   Hell has no more power over you than you allow, or require.  For some of us, 'Hell' is very much part of our religious teaching and belief system.  As such, we will experience whatever that belief system dictates.  The collective consciousness of all those that believe there is a 'Hell' with fire and brimstone have, in fact, reinforced the existence of such a place.  Remember that our thoughts become our reality!  There are those souls that choose to walk on the 'dark side' and therefore, their soul progression will take them through various levels of darkness.  Just as we have levels of 'white light' there will also be levels of 'darkness.'  The interesting thing, to me, is that even though a soul chooses to walk in dark energy, when they cross to the other side, they go into the Light for their soul review.  After the review, they will be taken back into the dark energy if that is what their review dictates.


   "Do people have angels and spirit guides? How can a person connect with their personal spirit guide?"

   For many of us, it seems as though our walk in this life is done so without the help of a guiding force. Each of us will have someone in "spirit" around us. That someone may be an Angel, a spirit guide or possibly the spirit of a friend or relative. The one in "spirit" that is with us has an opportunity to grow, just as we have an opportunity to grow in our physical life. It is not unusual for some of us to have a spirit guide that has been with us on many different occasions. Sometimes we want this communication so bad that we try too hard. Just relax and allow the energy to flow in a gentle and natural way. Just because you can't see them does not mean they don't exist. When the time is right, you will see, or possibly communicate with, your spirit guide.

   The first step to establishing contact with our spirit partners is to acquire knowledge that they do, in fact, exist. You can read about this, attend lectures, listen to your friends and sometimes, meet a person who can tell you exactly who is around you. It is good that we have partners and companions in "spirit". It is wise to remember that we must not focus too much of our time and attention to this aspect of our spirituality. Always place your ultimate trust and faith in God or the power that you recognize as a supreme being.

  "Would you please give me your definition of sin?"

    What an interesting question!   Sometimes we use this phrase as a catch all for everything we think is wrong.   To me, there are laws and rules that have been set out before us by God,  we know these as the 10 commandments.  There are universal laws that have the same impact and consequences.  Here is another way of deciding what a "sin" is.   Each of us live within the confines of our belief system.  We are first bound by the laws of God as 'we' understand them.  Secondly, I often find that a person's personal religious belief will dictate other rules that they must follow.  Let me try to give you an example:  If your religious beliefs dictate that to wear lipstick is a "sin",  when you apply the lipstick and go against your teachings, for you, this is a "sin".

      Why are there so many different interpretations of God's teachings?  These marvelous words of wisdom have been interpreted by men, changed and scholars tell us; deletions have been made.  Because there are so many of us viewing the words of God differently, different teachings and guidelines have evolved.   Which is correct?  All of them!  There is truth in each thing we learn, even the teachings we are not in agreement with.

    "Is the 'higher self' and the 'soul' one and the same?"

   They are connected and yet experience different things.  The 'soul' is what dwells within the physical body; this is the part of us that is growing through each and every experience of our lifetime.  The 'higher self' is an extension of the soul, an extension directly above our physical body.  This is the part of us that is 'all seeing' and 'all knowing.'  Many times our 'higher self' will communicate with us and try to provide help with the difficult choices we  sometimes face.  You might recognize this in this way..."My conscious tells me that I should not be doing this." "Something within me told me that I would survive this illness." "I don't know why I say this, but I feel as if I will accomplish something great during my lifetime."   

   In your moments of prayer/meditation; give yourself permission to be fully connected to your 'higher self.'  A more direct connection will help in every way as you continue the path you have laid out before yourself.



   "How do I know if my life is on track?"

   Ask yourself the following question... If I were to die tonight, how would I be remembered? How would you like to be remembered?  If there is a difference in the two answers, you probably need to do a little fine tuning of your walk in this life.  In honestly reflecting on the two answers; if your answers are basically the same, you are probably on track.  Now take a moment to discern whether or not there might be something else your magnificent talents could be put to use for.


Please feel free to submit your questions.  We may not agree on some topics, but the exchange of conversation will help each of us.


    "A lot of people, young and old, are noticing that they are having their sleep interrupted more than ever before. They don't even feel that they are reaching the REM stage. Is there a reason?"

    Continuing the topic of the previous question: With the current availability of great knowledge and communication, the souls of many of us are restless. If someone in "spirit" is trying to talk with you they may communicate with you while you sleep. It is a known fact that this is the least intrusive method and tends to be more acceptable.

     If a "spirit" were to suddenly manifest itself in front of you, would you be able to remain calm and listen to what they were trying to say? Probably not! It is for that very reason most of our communication takes place when we sleep. For some of us, after that has happened enough for us to reach a comfort zone, we begin to see "spirit". When you meditate or pray for spiritual growth, in many cases you will attend classes while you sleep. Sometimes what appears to be interrupted sleep is nothing more than our own interaction with someone who is working with us.
    "Apparently science is finding out that the vibratory rate of the planet is increasing. Why do you think the Earth is vibrating faster and how is it affecting us? Is it affecting people who are not so spiritual, differently than it is for those who are searching and trying to become closer to that God-self?"

    Everything about our evolvement has to do with energy and vibrations. When a soul crosses to the other side the vibrations are commensurate with the level of growth. The lower the growth level, the slower the vibration. If the soul has achieved a very high level of growth, the vibratory rate will be much higher.

   The Earth is in its own process of evolution. The vibratory rate has increased because of the natural evolution and because of the higher level of spiritual growth taking place now. We are all reacting to the higher rate of vibration, some with greater ease than others. If you can embrace the concept of "darkness" or "evil", you may understand how this increased vibration could be used to alter the reasoning ability of some people. You might better understand this if you remember that we are having more and more young people killing other people. A lower element might utilize the higher vibration to distort and disguise normal reasoning ability. A higher element might embrace the higher vibratory energy to reach the next level of spiritual growth and understanding.

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