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"Since we are each a part of the Creator, it is reasonable to assume that deep within ourselves is the answer to every question we will ever ask."

Judy Goodman

What would it take to change your life right now?

       As you begin the process of making changes, take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments.  Never measure yourself against the experience of another person.  For some of  us, an accomplishment might be  as simple as not giving into 'rage or anger' because of events of our lives.  It might be helpful if you make a list of them and decide which ones were fulfilling; which accomplishments gave you great satisfaction.  It is also important to change our thought process when we are dealing with our problems, no matter what they might be.  Our words are our power!  The words we speak become our reality so it is important to be careful of the things we speak into our mind, body and spirit.

        As you begin the process of changing your words; take a moment to identify and eliminate the things that drain you.   Before you eliminate anything in your life, HEAL the situation first.  Don't just walk away from a painful situation, give it the attention that it needs, heal it within your own heart or you may find yourself repeating it.  After all, these events serve as teachers and help us accomplish our 'soul contract' of this life.

        An example of speaking a reality into your mind, body spirit would be:  When we continue to say to someone, "I am sick and tired of this whole situation."   In saying this we are programming our body to become "sick and tired."  When you continue to lament and say how lonely you are, the loneliness will grow and overwhelm you.  Change your thought process, get busy and allow the process to complete itself.  Do you see how simple it might be to change the course of our pains and illness?

        Your words can create your pain and suffering!  If you do not face your issues and deal with them, you may be creating your 'dis-ease' which may become your disease and illness.  Is this the way you want to live your life? Many times we overcomplicate our healing process; It is important to keep the 'healing' as simple and basic as you can.

       Never forget how important your words are to your children and/or companion.  The important people in your life will rise to your level of expectations.  If you tell your children how "stupid" or how "bad" they are, they will meet almost all of your expectations.  Do not make negative comments about someone; This is particularly true where children are concerned.  Sometimes we forget that the ears of children seldom miss anything.  If you speak negative thoughts - and they hear you, those words will serve to reinforce that behavior.  Always find good and complimentary things to say to your special people, they will rise to the great heights you place before them. You teach by example, not by words.

       Teach by example, not by your words.  When you are ready to make the changes in your life, ask yourself 'what things absolutely need my help now'?  Make a list so you can update it occasionally and be more aware of the progress you are making.   When you reach a place of forgiveness, peace and love within your spirit, those around you will be able to see the difference and will want to know what you did to change. The changes are often so apparent that others will ask what new vitamin you are taking.

        Very often in our every day life it feels very much like we are juggling many different situations.  Some people are more adept at juggling than others.  Once in a while you may need to stop juggling and start living.  Remember that, in all things, you have a choice.  It is okay to drop a ball once in a while; it is okay to make a mistake sometimes.  It is through our adversities that we grow and learn just how strong we really are. You do not have to be perfect!  If you feel as though you have made mistakes, consider this... The real tragedy of making a mistake would be in continuing the situation and not learning from the experience.

        Now that you have begun the changes and are facilitating the healing process, remember that every good thing requires nurturing.  With regard to the good things of your life, honor them and nurture them.   Seek out new experiences and create new expressions of the magnificent soul that you truly are.

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     Whatever it is that you want to be different, find the words and start giving yourself permission to make the change.  You should always remember this:  Sometimes when we allow the changes to come into our lives, things will actually get worse before they get better.  If you are in a process of growth, pain, grief (no matter what the pain is) you must reach the bottom of the situation in order to rise from it.  If you do not allow yourself the full experience, you may go through the entire thing again.   Remember to give yourself permission to find the strength, wisdom and understanding to face your challenges.  It would help if you could incorporate this into a kind of meditation.

'Permission Statements' Turning your life around with simple words...  Use this as a guide to make up your own statements!

      I give myself permission to fully connect to my higher self;  I give my body permission to be healthy, happy and whole;  I give myself permission to lose weight in a healthy, normal way.  If there are lessons to be learned because I have gained the weight, I give myself permission to accept them, be at peace with the lessons and release them;

     I give myself permission to be a better person, to be more patient, loving and understanding;  I give myself permission to unconditionally love myself and accept myself just as I am;  I give myself permission to unconditionally love others;   I give myself permission to release the addiction I have and understand the lessons associated with it;

     I give myself permission to be open and receptive to communication from my spirit guides or guardian angels and ask for God's protection in this communication at all times;  I give myself permission to face my fears and over-come them, no matter what they might be;  I give myself permission to attract the perfect companion;  I give myself permission to prepare for and attract the perfect job for me;

     I give myself permission to grow from my emotional pain and to move into a space of complete understanding and peace.  If I am bound by depression, I ask that I be set free, and given the understanding of how to face it and deal with it.  I give myself permission to see the light at the end of the tunnel, have the strength and courage to move towards it and set myself free from this darkness;

     I am lonely!  I give myself permission to become a friend to even the lowest of God's creatures and in being a friend to others, attract friends to myself.  I give myself permission to know, without a doubt, that I am not alone, even when I cannot see those that are in spirit around me;  and so forth...  you get the idea!

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Without forgiveness we  cannot move forward.  Find out why this is so critical to everything in your life. 


   I forgive myself for anything I may have done wrong in this life, or in any other life.  I accept the lessons; I am at peace with the lessons and I release them.

   I forgive any person who may have harmed me in any way in this life, or in any other life.  I accept the lessons, I am at peace with them and I release them.

   It is one thing to read these words and repeat them over and over.  You must move into the space of speaking from your heart.  Use this as a guide,  you can change any of the words around if you want to, but speak from your heart and soul.  Until all life's situations truly matter to you, until you speak from your heart and soul, nothing will change for you.

   When you 'think' about this it is only a single thought, and accomplishes very little.  When you hold this in your heart and when you experience the 'feeling' of this, your energy will begin the process of change.

 How Do You Empower Yourself?

  What is it that empowers you?  There are many events in our lives that can take away our power.  The good news is that we always have a choice to retake authority over our own lives – WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD THE UNQUESTIONABLE ABILITY TO EMPOWER OURSELVES.  Take a good look at your life and ask yourself how is it working for you.


  • …find time to pray/meditate and connect with the God source as I understand it;

  •  …remember I am not alone and I am loved beyond even my own understanding;

  •  …forgive myself and forgive others, UNCONDITIONALLY;

  •  …understand the painful experiences of my life are not meant to be a punishment, but an opportunity to learn and grow;

  •  …give of myself without restraint and limitations;

  •  …allow the child within me to be a part of my life;

  • …when I honor others and when I am honorable;

  •  …and so forth.   

Write down some of the things you wish to change as you are retaking authority in your own life. 


   If you would like to read my commentary regarding life's purpose, visit this link.  There are some very interesting thoughts that might help you understand your own search.  Let me know what you think...

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